Good Morning Sacramento,

Our limbs are prickling back to life after a weekend that couldn’t have come any sooner. Remnants of a so-thought imaginary Sandman are being scavenged from the corners of our eyes and…oh…you’re looking quite good today. My…I haven’t even combed my hair yet…brb.

*Scurries to the bathroom*
Okay, where were we? Oh the Addys!
So the night started with me being halted at the doors by a gentleman in a suit and dark sunglasses. Being touched this early in the night wasn’t in my agenda, but as they say “the show must go on”. Drinks were served, connections were made, a duo sang a tune, awards were given, and memories were made.

This may the result of one of our highlights of the evening. Who would’ve thunk that a simple little flip book could have brought so many hours of pleasure to a group of creatives.
Thanks to everyone that said “What’s Up!”
You’re the real Gold winners ;)