It’s show time! After a full year of work from all of the Ad Agencies in The Greater Sacramento Region, the fruit’s of their labor goes under the magnifying glass of their competitors.  After going head to head in the creative octagon, winners of the American Advertising Awards get their moment of glory and crowned with a gold award, which ironically is a crystal trophy.

If you’re familiar with the ADDY’s, you know that winning a Silver is basically like getting a karate chop to the throat (for me anyway). I can’t speak for anyone else. But even if you’re expecting it, it sends a shocking jolt through your entire body. Maybe for those who aren’t innately competitive, it’s just a nice networking opportunity and a way to celebrate the region’s creative success. I’m just one of those people.

This year’s awards show has a different meaning for use here at Joint. We didn’t just volunteer for the Creative Chair (Brian), he also generously volunteered to handle to take on the awards show presentation (not including the audio). But I digress.  Blood, sweat, no tears, but bloodshot eyes were all the norm around the office.

One thing that excited me was the theme. House of Cards, politics, red-white-blue, all things at the top of my favorites list. And being from Sacramento, completely fitting.

Good luck tonight to all entrants, and may the best creative win.