Recently, we at Joint have started an open invitation to a friendly competition.

(insert crazy image of design battle logo with blood all over it)

Sacramento Design Battle – Beer, is creating an alternative avenue of networking that isn’t only about acting interested in what other people are doing, but being active in a competition where everything is made up and the winner doesn’t matter. It’s plainly all in good fun, good creative and exceptional self-promotion.

Now designing this battle came with a battle of its own, and that battle was one of aesthetic. Trendy “X” design? Should I continue to beat an overused joke about comic sans? …how about a mix of Power Rangers and Battle Bots? Sounds good.

Thus, the 3D metallic spikey hexagon battle logo of destruction was created. Crafted to fill all of your chile’ with fear…along with creating a great faux persona for the friendly challenge.

Ps. Gonna learn Cinema 4D so I can never try to use Illustrator’s 3D.