Countless hours of my life have been spent cradling a plastic guitar with no strings in my lap and passing this morse code machine back and forth between me and my best friend. Before there was an ounce of musical aspirations in my body, I powered through iconic rock songs from the span of several decades, from Hendrix, to The Doors, from Metallica, to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not only did this game help me see teamwork in a medium that never required any, but it expanded my musical knowledge past anything that a middle-schooler would ever listen to by his own. But hey, getting that 5 Stars on “expert” difficulty was worth listening to a song 100+ times.

Both rhythmic video game giants, Rock Band and Guitar Hero, shaped a massive part of my life, both forming great memories of friendship and a love of video games that will always be a conjoined result in my life. I can remember flying from the lowest to the highest difficulty in Guitar Hero in less than a couple months, and coming home one day to find an edition of the game I had not played. Easily 70+ hours of my life went down the drain at that moment.

More joy was brought into my life when my best friend called me telling me that the new rhythm game to followed the success of the Guitar Hero franchise, Rock Band, was gifted to him for Christmas and I needed to come over and play it asap! Not only was this great because of new songs to play on that plastic guitar, but this brought more aspects than Guitar Hero could, with the addition of Bass, Vocals, and Drums. Now teamwork was essential and each passing of a song was even that more fulfilling.

Now the next wave of consoles has come, with no word from either Rhythm Game giant, and a whole fanbase of not only gamers, but music lovers, with nothing to play on the top-of-the-line technology. Breaking this week: Rock Band 4 confirmed for a 2015 release. YES!!!!! I mean this is great news for me and my childhood memories, but this new release will allow the transfer of all songs previously purchased! This is definitely added to my “Things I have to wait for that are going to be awesome” list, right next to Star Wars. The following year will be hard to wait, but bonding with old friends and playing games I enjoyed so much as a kid will all be worth it. Rock on! m/

Are you a Guitar Hero or a Guitar Zero?