Sacramento Beer Week Design Battle! 4 Designers Duked It Out, But Only 1 Was Victorious (well, sorta)

Facebook was aflame during Sacramento Beer Week early in March; it was getting heated between our contenders. Trixy, Brian, Dominic and Kyle battled courageously during Joint’s inaugural Design Battle – Beer!

Parameters for the contest were as follows:
1- Cannot be an existing brand.
2- Must include Sacramento icon.
3- Must create brand logo and label.

Next year we are going to add a few more rules including: don’t cheat (*ahem Trixy and Brian) and play nice (everyone).

Because the rules did not explicitly state “paying for likes and promoting posts will lead to immediate disqualification” we can only let it slide this time.

And the winners are:

Gold – Trixy and ‘El Gobernador’ California Common (162 likes)
Silver – Brian and ‘Old Sutter’ River Ale (139 likes)
Bronze – Dominic and ‘Royal Brewery’ Golden Ale (53 likes)
Honorable Mention – Kyle and ‘Confluence’ Punch to the Beard Triple IPA (21 likes)

Now that the dust has settled, we have asked our designers to disclose their inspiration for their beer creations.


Trixy: Trixy’s inspiration for ‘El Gobernador’ came from Sacramento’s rich history and an old train commissioned by Leland Stanford. The El Gobernador train was built here in Sacramento back in the day. The logo inspiration was also based on locomotive history and Southern Pacific Lines. The unique bottle shape came from early american beer cans and the California Common style of beer has been around since the 1800’s. Trixy may or may not have promoted here post on Facebook. But, she does get extra kudos for all the research.


Brian: In hopes of gaining an advantage for next year, Brian has provided ‘no comment’ on his beer label design.


Dominic: “My inspiration for my Royal was the Sacramento Kings.” Going with the name, “king” was too obvious. Our Dominic is way more creative than that, so he went with “Royal” instead. He says, “the logo and design were both just me having fun… all encased in a stone bottle, giving itself further to the expectation of the name.” Dominic was the only contestant proven to have not cheated, and he still lost. #rigged


Kyle: “The inspiration for my beer name ‘Punch to the Beard’ was from me recently getting into really good triple IPA beers, and I’ve been growing a beard…“ He went to a TEDx event a few years ago and ‘confluence’ was the theme, he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to name an awesome beer after it. You go Kyle. Kyle would like to add, “I didn’t cheat, but someone cheated for me. What happened was we’re going to boost the entire post with all of our images, but accidentally just boosted mine, once we noticed we just let it go because even with the boost I was still in last place. To be fair, I am a Developer, not a Designer.”

We thought everyone put forth a valiant effort (despite the paid promotion). Be on the lookout for our next design battle!