Politics, the infamous P word, the thing you never bring up at the dinner table or when meeting new people, with family and new friends. If we aren’t able to talk about it, how are we to ever understand someone else’s point of view? And do we even really need to talk about it to understand someone’s thoughts when there’s Facebook? Let’s be honest, how many “friends” have you unfriended or blocked due to their political or social rants on Facebook?

But I digress. I’m not a Political Scientist or consultant, I’m a designer. So my interests in political campaigns from a professional standpoint are very different from my interest as a citizen.

As a citizen, I don’t care about my elected officials “brand” but as a designer, I do. As a citizen, I don’t care that my candidate of choice has a terrible website, logo, uses horrible colors and terrible typography on his or her mailers. But as a designer I do and I judge each and every candidate as though I was some Supreme Court Justice that ruled over all of the design decisions made throughout the country.

I’m My Own Imaginary RBG.

Every so often I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to take off my imaginary Judges robe and put on my designer hat and glasses and put my money where my mouth is. This year is extra special since we were contracted to design and develop the new campaign site for a local politician from my home state of Hawaii. You know what that means…business meetings in Hawaii, hell yeah!

Stay tuned for my next project update where I reveal the logo, color palette and website.