Joint Medias is a Sacramento-based Graphic and Web Design Agency. Since 2006, Joint Medias has successfully melded the creative disciplines of Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Photography, and Video Production resulting in extraordinary end-results.

With their “Creative Focused” approach, Joint Medias has successfully launched, refreshed, and rebranded countless websites and companies, both locally and nationally. They’ve helped brands better understand themselves, which in turn, helps them communicate—with clarity—to their customers.

Through beautiful design and intelligent functionality, Joint Medias has distinguished themselves by producing custom digital experiences that are as unique and inspired as each of their clients.

“Beauty is the harmony of function and form.”
-Alvar Aalto

adjective /joint/

1.shared, held, or made by two or more people, parties, or organizations together.

synonyms: collective; cooperative, collaborative, concerted, united


Web and App Design + Development

Graphic Design / Brand Identity

Video Recording + Production

Audio Production