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Creating a Virtual Education Hub: Web Design and Development for the Crocker Art Museum

Joint Medias is proud to have collaborated with the Crocker Art Museum to launch the Mel and Leta Ramos Family Virtual Education Center (VEC), a pioneering web platform designed to empower educators, parents, and homeschoolers with art-centric educational tools. Our mission was to create a digital hub that not only enriches the educational landscape but also fosters a deeper connection with art.

Our comprehensive web design and custom WordPress development efforts resulted in a user-friendly website that serves as a one-stop resource for those seeking to incorporate art into their educational environments. The VEC offers an extensive collection of lesson plans tailored to various educational needs, supporting a wide range of subjects, grades, and mediums. This versatility makes the VEC an invaluable tool for integrating art into diverse curricula.

Recognizing the importance of community and professional growth, the VEC features a searchable database that allows users to easily find and sort art lessons. This functionality is complemented by the ability for educators to submit their own lesson plans, fostering a collaborative educational ecosystem. Additionally, the site lists related educational programs offered by the museum, providing a gateway to further professional development and enrichment opportunities.

Our work extended to enhancing the VEC with full blog capabilities, including tags and categories, to ensure ongoing engagement with the latest in art education. This aspect of the website not only keeps users informed but also encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas and practices within the art education community.

In developing the VEC website for the Crocker Art Museum, Joint Medias aimed to blend aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Our approach was grounded in our expertise in web design, custom web development, and WordPress design, ensuring that the VEC stands as a testament to innovative and effective educational resource provision. Through this project, we have contributed to bridging the gap between art and education, ensuring that teachers, parents, and homeschoolers have access to high-quality art education resources.