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First Corporate Solutions is a service, data and web application company providing global UCC & corporate due diligence and risk management solutions. Headquartered in Sacramento, CA, they provide services and online searching, filing and portfolio management system are designed to help Fortune 500 lending and legal institutions mitigate risk and perfect secured transactions.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customizable Page Layouts
  • Customized Wordpress CMS
  • Third Party Marketing Integration


We were challenged to design and develop a site that was scalable, customizable from page to page, compatible with third-party business and marketing tools and easy to navigate. With a site of this scale (129 pages and counting) and a varied user base, ease of navigation was a top priority along with clear paths for existing customers versus information seekers.


IA (Information Architecture) was a key component for this project. Mapping and organizing pages and grouping content was a priority, prior to our wireframes and navigation structure. Flexible content was used for page customization and repeatability of high priority communication needs. A Multi-level navigation structure was created to manage the 129 pages of existing content.

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Version control, or Revision Control, is part of our development workflow. We use Git, a version control system that prevents data loss, as well as BitBucket to share our projects with the rest of our team for collaboration and a multi-developer workflow. This process allows the recording of issues or bugs within each project for ease of resolution.