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Delivering comprehensive brand research, identity design, web development, and graphic design services in collaboration with an agency partner.

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Crafting the Digital and Brand Identity for the Sites Reservoir Project: A Collaboration with Our Agency Partner

For the Sites Reservoir Project, Joint Medias harnessed its expertise in web and graphic design to create a comprehensive digital and brand identity that effectively communicates the project’s mission and information to its audience. Our collaboration with JB Comm, Inc. further enhanced our ability to deliver a multifaceted and strategic communication solution.

The project’s cornerstone was the development of a distinctive brand identity, including a custom wordmark and an illustrated logomark that encapsulates the essence of the Sites Reservoir Project. This branding was meticulously integrated across various platforms, including an initial website design that serves as a central hub for project information. The website features detailed fact pages, custom iconography, map infographics, and charts, all designed to make complex information accessible and engaging for the public.

In addition to digital design, Joint Medias provided graphic design services for a range of materials, including reports, factsheets, and environmental impact statements, ensuring a consistent and professional brand presence across all mediums. Our team also designed a full suite of logo files, business cards, and letterhead, formatted to support the project’s advertising and professional communication efforts.

Our partnership with JB Comm, Inc., a company renowned for its strategic communication expertise, particularly in public participation and community relations, was instrumental in aligning our design and development efforts with the strategic communication goals of the Sites Reservoir Project. JB Comm’s experience with public agencies at the state, federal, and local levels, combined with their certification as a small/disadvantaged business enterprise, brought valuable insights and capabilities to the project.

At Joint Medias, we believe in the power of ‘Beauty & Brains’—creating visually captivating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and effective in achieving our clients’ goals. This project is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch design and development services, underscored by our dedication to personal customer service and building long-term relationships based on quality and trust. Through our work on the Sites Reservoir Project, we’ve demonstrated our capability to handle complex projects in collaboration with agency partners, delivering results that exceed expectations and drive meaningful engagement.